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There are so many and each one is a unique tasting experience. So, if you’re a fan, you need to learn more and you try it out yourself to get your own slice of “heaven” between your teeth. offers a unique selection of meat, making it a candidate for your top ten best food e-shops. If you can’t tell the difference between an Argentinean and Tuscan cut, then follow our advice and let us help you teach you the basics. Enjoy the read!

The world’s finest meats give gourmets food for thought and for their stomachs to digest. There really are so many different types all over the world:

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • USA

  • Japan

  • Denmark

  • Italy

  • Poland

From Simmental, with its delicate but tasty flavor, to Cachena, whose meat is succulent and tasty, and Rubia Gallega, an explosion of unrivalled and exquisite flavor guaranteed by the outer layer of fat.

If you're a meat lover, come with us on this journey through the different internationally renowned meat selections.

So, let’s get things started straight away with the very best!


Tasty, tender, with an elegant note and unmistakable strong flavor, a name that conjures up visions of the East and above-average marbling (BMS 8-10 on the Kobe scale) that enhances the flavor when cooked and makes this meat one of the most popular around, Kimi is our top selection. 

Yoshi is Poddesu’s selection of heifer meat from Northern Europe, which includes the finest breeds, in particular the Masuria from the Plusky herd or pure Bavarian Simmental. Yoshi meat is very tender and tasty given its high fat content (BMS 5-7 on the Kobe scale) and has pleasant sweet notes.


The Angus is an ancient breed of cattle which takes its name from Aberdeen, the city of its origins, and is one of the best-known breeds in the world. It is better known as Black Angus due to its black coat and absence of horns. Celtic, Iberian, Argentinian and Uruguayan, the meat is delicate and tender with typical fat marbling that makes it tender with just the right amount of caramelizing on the surface.


The Rubia Gallega is one of the most prized types of meat in the world that differs from other types of meat because the animals are aged between 5 and 10 years old and are reared outdoors in Galizia. The name “Rubia” comes from the color of their coats. “Rubia” means blond in Spanish.

Referred to as “the meat you never forget”, Rubia Gallega has special organoleptic and nutritional qualities, an intense flavor, unique aroma and thick yellow fat coating. These characteristics are due to the way they are reared which is unlike any other in the world. The rainy climate in Spain and north-west Portugal, as well as the tradition of feeding the cattle with grass and fermented maize, lends a special acidity to the pastures of the famous Mirandesa, Frieiresa, Cachena Parda, Minhota and Rubia Gallega breeds.

Don’t stop following us – stay with us on this amazing journey through the world of fine meats. is the world’s best meat shop: take a look at all our products now!

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