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In the endless panorama of ways to cook on the barbecue, the classic steak is still the one that we all have in common. It is a dish that is still depends primarily on quality of the meat, allowing you to make a good impression and notch up points compared to standard cooking methods simply by deciding to spend slightly more. It is a dish that we have all tried our hand at, at least once in our lives, and can be eaten virtually raw, without this being considered a mistake by most. So don’t get tempted into convoluted timings – just sear it, then it’s done and no one can say anything.  


The T-Bone steak is a portion of the beef loin with the bone attached which gives the meat its typical T-shape. It generally means the portion cut in the tenderloin. Before finding out more about our technical cooking tips, however, two clarifications are in order:

  1. The “Fiorentina” T-Bone steak is a regional (and national) dish of which the people of Tuscany are rightly proud, but it is also the name of an anatomical beef cut which is the main ingredient. In this article, we don’t discuss how to cut a “Fiorentina” T-Bone steak. What we do is simply gives some tips on how to successfully barbecue a T-bone steak. 

  2. There are many supplementary techniques that can help when cooking a T-bone steak but they are not included in this article. Our intention here is just to talk about heat and temperature management, across the board.

So, we talk exclusively about technique, without any direct reference to recipes or regional interpretations.


Now we can get started! Here are our 5 practical tips on how to grill the meat and obtain the perfect steak.

1. The temperature of the meat before cooking

Pay close attention to the temperature of the meat before putting it on the grill. To get the best result, take the meat out of the fridge a few hours beforehand, so that it reaches room temperature before you start cooking.

2. Never prick the meat

It’s the worst possible thing you could do! Pricking the surface of the steak lets all the juices run out. This means depriving the meat of its taste, tenderness and consistency.

3. Cooking time

The time in which to cook a steak is undoubtedly one of the most problematic aspects of grilling meat. Obviously, regardless of your cooking preferences, the meat should never be under or overcooked, and knowing when to take the steak off the grill is quite tricky. 

For thick steaks, such as a T-bone steak, weighing at least 1 kg, it is a good idea to start cooking it by standing it on the bone for 10-15 minutes, again depending on the thickness of the cut. The steak should then be laid down on its sides to complete the cooking: 4-5 minutes per side should be sufficient.


4. Salt: before or after cooking?

In principle, neither is wrong and our advice is to try both and pick the one that you think tastes better.

However, bear in mind that salt can only be added before cooking if this is done no longer than 30 minutes beforehand. Any longer and the salt tends to be absorbed by the juices of the muscular fibers making the steak dry and tough.


5. Correct distance between the grill and the coals

The last tip we want to give you in this article is the correct distance between the grill and the coals. While it is important that the steak is not too close to the coals to prevent it from charring, it should not be too far away either, otherwise the benefits of grilling, such as the formation of the outer crust that makes the meat extra tasty, will be lost. So, position your grill about 8-12 centimeters from the coals and your steak will sizzle away without the risk of burning.

Now, all you have to do is put what you’ve learnt into practice.

Have fun and enjoy your barbecue!

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